Robert Christian: Why are Catholics so critical of consumerism?

Millennial editor Robert Christian has a new article at Crux. He writes:

Consumerism fosters insecurity. It blinds people to their intrinsic worth and authentic identity in order to convince them that they must buy particular consumer goods — whether a car, clothes, cosmetics, or anything else — so that they can be cool or normal or even worthy of love. It promotes the message that things can make a person happy, but only offers a false chimera of happiness that evaporates and demands the purchase of more and more consumer goods.

Consumerism fosters greed, envy, and even lust. We become bound by these chains, which keep us from authentic freedom and human flourishing. Our neighbors and friends become rivals and reminders of our inadequacy. The poor and needy become obstacles to possessing more and more things. They themselves become things, as everything is viewed through a materialist vision and the spiritual nature of the person is forgotten. No one sees God in another person if they are obsessed with how they measure up to that person.

The full article can be read here.