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Erroneous Autonomy: A Conversation on Solidarity & Faith by Michael Sean Winters: “As Catholics, we do believe that people are entitled to a secure retirement, that they are entitled to adequate health care, that they are entitled to a living wage.”

US bishops can change the conversation by John Gehring: “A pope who speaks frequently about exclusion and indifference will bring a timely, prophetic message to the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world.”

The human right to have a home by Stephen Schneck: “Having a home gives roots to human dignity. A home makes family and community possible. A home is a morally necessary condition for human life. If, as Catholics, we are really concerned with defending human life in all of its stages, if we are really concerned about what’s happening to families, about what’s happening to community, then we need to join our voices with those of our bishops in saying that it is a human right to have a home.”

Do Not Speak Well of Randianism David Mills by David Mills: “Randianism’s view of the individual and all that flows from it, not least its social Darwinist hatred for the weak and the poor, is deeply, fundamentally inhumane. It is a settled dogma set against basic and public truths of human life. It is not mistaken about human dignity and human flourishing, it rejects them.”

Climate encyclical expected to send strong moral message to the world by CNS: “Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on ecology and climate is expected to send a strong moral message — one message that could make some readers uncomfortable, some observers say. ‘The encyclical will address the issue of inequality in the distribution of resources and topics such as the wasting of food and the irresponsible exploitation of nature and the consequences for people’s life and health,’ Archbishop Pedro Barreto Jimeno of Huancayo, Peru, told Catholic News Service.”

Assisted suicide and what it means to be truly merciful by Ashley McGuire: “The Holy Year of Mercy announced by Pope Francis, which begins Dec. 8, comes at a time when the meaning of “mercy” in America is being twisted to mean something profoundly to the contrary. Specifically, there are some who are working hard to apply the concept of mercy to a growing movement to make assisted suicide legal.”

The Putin Syndicate by Brian Whitmore: “The term is most apt because the Putin regime actually operates like a crime syndicate. It uses threats, intimidation, and extrajudicial violence to achieve its goals. It has teams of enforcers to harass, harm, and — if necessary — kill its enemies. It is even structured like a crime syndicate.”

Democrats Shouldn’t Endorse Suicide by Dr. Ira Byock: “Just when moral outrage and radical social change are called for, my fellow progressives have embraced physician-assisted suicide as their political response to needless suffering of seriously ill people. This isn’t liberalism; it’s nihilism.”