Democrats Should Take on Planned Parenthood and the Throwaway Culture

Millennial co-founder Christopher Hale has a new article at the Washington Post on the undercover video of a Planned Parenthood executive that was recently released by The Center for Medical Progress. He writes:

“Nucatola’s indifferent disposition revealed a disturbing attitude. She had no problem casually discussing her organization’s participation and leadership in what Pope Francis has called an “economy that kills.”…

To date, no high-ranking Democrat in the United States has commented on the video. That’s unfortunate, because progressives should be leading the fight against this grotesque act of selectively removing and preserving aborted fetuses’ organs for scientific use….

Who will have the courage to fight against this social Darwinism that pits the needs of scientific researchers against the health of pregnant women and their unborn children?

Who will say no to this growing indifference towards others’ invisible sufferings, toward unseen violence, and toward hidden injustices that has metastasized in our national conscience? Who will speak truth to the rich and powerful and denounce Planned Parenthood’s participation and leadership in this throwaway culture and an economy that debases, excludes, and kills?”

The full article can be read here.

For those who have not seen it, the video can be viewed below: