Around the Web (Part 2)

Check out these recent articles from around the web:

When Work Fails Families by David Lapp: “Whenever we debate the merits and problems of contemporary capitalism, we need the accounts of flesh-and-blood people like Lance to better understand how the economy we have built is serving (or failing) ordinary workers and the families that they form.”

U.S.A., Land of Limitations? by Nicholas Kristof: “Meanwhile, more children in America live in poverty now (22 percent at last count) than at the start of the financial crisis in 2008 (18 percent). They grow up not in a “land of opportunity,” but in the kind of socially rigid hierarchies that our ancestors fled, the kind of society in which your outcome is largely determined by your beginning. Now, that’s what the presidential candidates should be discussing.”

Democrats on wrong side of history when it comes to Planned Parenthood’s crimes against innocent unborn by Kirsten Powers: “The Democratic Party shilling for barbarism — whether by politicians, liberal media outlets, union officials or unrestricted abortion advocates — is not likely to be viewed favorably by future generations. These Democrats will be remembered for demonizing the activists who lifted the veil on a previously sanitized process and for seeking restraining orders to silence truth tellers. They will be remembered for publishing dehumanizing decrees — as The New Republic did — that people stop criticizing Planned Parenthood because as a medical matter, “The term baby … doesn’t apply until birth” (that thing on your sonogram is nothing more than a “product[] of conception.”)”

Barrel Bombs, Not ISIS, Are the Greatest Threat to Syrians by Kenneth Roth: “As the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS, commits horrendous videotaped executions, it might seem to pose the greatest threat to Syrian civilians. In fact, that ignoble distinction belongs to the barrel bombs being dropped by the military of Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad.”

What Defunding Planned Parenthood Would Really Do by Kristen Day: “Abortion isn’t a fruit of women’s liberation. It’s the antithesis of progress and of a forward-thinking society. And progressives must start making their voices heard on this, one of the most crucial social justice issues of our time.”

Think the human person is nothing special? Think again, says archbishop by CNA: “In a society without God, the human person becomes ‘nothing special,’ nothing sacred. The value of a human life is judged according to whether it is ‘productive’ or ‘efficient’,” he said. “Without God we don’t know who we are, or where we come from, or what we are here for.”

One life, one love: The Earth and black lives matter by Alex Mikulich: “God lures us into a dance with each and every one of us together with the whole of creation. We all share one life, one Earth. One cannot and will not thrive unless all thrive in the interdependent web of life. And yet, in the wake of the brutal murder of nine members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., do we perceive the intimate connections between care for the whole of creation and black lives?”

Special Report: State Department watered down human trafficking report by Jason Szep and Matt Spetalnick: “A Reuters examination, based on interviews with more than a dozen sources in Washington and foreign capitals, shows that the government office set up to independently grade global efforts to fight human trafficking was repeatedly overruled by senior American diplomats and pressured into inflating assessments of 14 strategically important countries in this year’s Trafficking in Persons report.”

The Koch Brothers and Justice by Michael Sean Winters: “Mr. Koch may want to remove the shackles of government regulation, but he certainly wants to tie the American people up with far worse chains, the chains of a libertarian ideology that, in fact, has little in common with the earlier examples of justice-seeking movements he cited.”