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Save the mothers by Kevin Clarke: “The United States ranks 61st globally in maternal health, far behind its economic peers. According to researchers, a woman in the United States is 10 times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than a woman in Austria, Belarus, or Poland. In top-ranking Norway, a woman has a lifetime risk of 1 in nearly 15,000 of dying in childbirth. In the United States, the chances are 1 in 1,800. In fact, the likelihood of maternal death in the United States places the world’s greatest industrial and military power among many of the poorest developing countries.”

Contra Samuel Gregg by Michael Sean Winters: “The answer is for Catholics to be Catholic first in the public square, and for the bishops to make sure that they avoid any semblance of partisanship in their public stance. The policy concerns that the Church brings to the public square are rooted in transcendent concerns, and nothing so robs them of that unique status – and appeal – than to find their champions in the hierarchy shamefully shilling for one party or the other.”

Will Congress like what Pope Francis has to say? by Stephen Schneck: “Do you not hear the call from a family among the world’s two billion who are impoverished and brutalized by economic injustices? Do you not hear the agonized call of a wounded creation that has been tortured by generations of abuse? Do you not hear the calls of refugees, unwelcomed and rejected around the globe? The call of the sick who are suffering for lack of medicines and health care?”

Catholic schools look to tax credits to save them by Michael O’Loughlin: “As close to 2 million Catholic school students prepare to return to class in the coming weeks, leaders of some cash-strapped systems are hoping for a Hail Mary: That lawmakers will adopt or expand tax credit scholarship programs that they say will stem the tide of school closings, but which critics contend give tax breaks to the wealthy while diverting funds from public schools.”

Political Speech, Bull*$!%, and Human Dignity by Jessica Keating: “I would like to suggest that the widespread use of ‘bullshit’ in public discourse functions as decadence’s corollary with regard to speech. Indeed, decadence and ‘bullshit’ are one another’s helpmates, each mutually reinforcing and cultivating a profound lack of concern for truth.”

Racial Wealth Gap Persists Despite Degree, Study Says by Patricia Cohen: “Even with tuition shooting up, the payoff from a college degree remains strong, lifting lifelong earnings and protecting many graduates like a Teflon coating against the worst effects of economic downturns. But a new study has found that for black and Hispanic college graduates, that shield is severely cracked, failing to protect them from both short-term crises and longstanding challenges.”

The shocking number of new moms who return to work two weeks after childbirth by Danielle Paquette: “In the United States, nearly a quarter of employed mothers return to work within two weeks of giving birth, according to a new report from In These Times, a nonprofit magazine, which analyzed data from the Department of Labor and collected stories from mothers who kept working through pain and grief.”