Pope Francis to Single Mom: Don’t Be Ashamed, You Are Brave and Respect Life

via ABC News:

In Los Angeles, Rosemary Farfan, 31, shared with the pontiff her struggles as a single mother to daughters Alyssa, 11, and Celeste, 8.

She told ABC News that she and her daughters had stayed at Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women and Children until June. The shelter had helped the trio find an apartment and get back on their feet.

“It hasn’t been easy for me. I’ve made some mistakes as a person, as a mother,” Farfan said. “I’ve felt guilty at times and ashamed. … But every day, I try and I hope and I pray.”

Pope Francis responded by praising her courage and respect for life:

“I know that people can sometimes look askance at you. You’re a brave woman because you’re capable of bringing these two daughters into the world. … You respected the life you were carrying inside you and God is going to reward you for that and he does reward for you for that. Don’t be ashamed. … I congratulate you.”