Pope Francis Calls for Prayer Campaign on Youth Unemployment

One issue that Pope Francis has addressed repeatedly is the dignity of work and the crisis in youth unemployment. In certain European countries, youth unemployment figures are staggering. In certain communities in the US, the number of unemployed youth is also troublingly high. And globally, many are desperately searching for jobs but are unable to find reliable employment. It is no surprise then that Pope Francis has made this issue his general prayer intention for September: that opportunities for education and employment may increase for all young people.

Read more on this from Vatican Radio:

The Holy Father is greatly concerned about high jobless rates among young people, saying they are becoming a lost generation – victim of today’s “throw-away” culture that casts aside anyone who is not profitable economically.  It’s painful to see young people on the lookout for their first job turned away for lack of previous experience, thus nipping them in the bud.  The Pope says the problem is more than merely economic.  It is a problem of dignity.  Without work, one ‎cannot have the experience of dignity which comes from being able to put food on the table and to have a family and a home.  Pope Francis stressed that high unemployment among youth is a crisis of the family, “a true social plague” that leaves young people feeling useless.  If the youth are deprived of hope, then the very future and hope of society and of the Church is jeopardized.   Let’s therefore join Pope Francis in his general prayer campaign during September and in saying “no” to the throw-away culture and “yes” to increased opportunities for ‎education and employment for young people everywhere, for they are truly the future of humanity.