Top 10 Quotes from Pope Francis’ New Interview

From Portugal’s Radio Renascença:

  1. Young people are more informal and have their own pace. We have to let them grow, to accompany them, not to leave them alone, but accompany them. And to know how to accompany them prudently, knowing when to speak at the right moment, and knowing how to listen a lot.
  2. Catechesis is about giving them doctrine for life and, therefore, it has to include three languages: The language of the mind, the language of the heart and the language of the hands. Catechesis has to include those three: that the young person might think and know what faith is, but, at the same time, feel with his heart what faith is and, on the other hand, get things done.
  3. That is the dominant economic system nowadays, it has removed the person from the centre, placing the god money in its place, the idol of fashion.
  4. Further away from Europe there is another phenomenon which hurt me deeply: the Rohingya [Muslim ethnic group, probably originating in Myanmar. Marginalized and persecuted for ethnic and religious reasons. The UN has singled out the Rohingya as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world], who are expelled from their country, get into boats and leave. They reach a port or a beach, and they are fed and given water and then sent out to sea again, and not taken in. There is a lack of capacity for welcoming humanity.
  5. There is a labor crisis, young people can’t find work.
  6. Europe has not died. It is a little grand-motherly [laughs], but it can return to being a mother.
  7. Man has, within him, the need to face and solve conflicts and problems.
  8. Run risks and always set goals! You need to use your feet to educate. To educate well you need to have one foot firmly planted on the ground and another lifted and further forward, wondering where you can rest it.
  9. I believe that rights and obligations should go hand in hand. Otherwise we are creating a mirror education; because education in front of a mirror is narcissism and today we are living in a narcissistic civilization.
  10. A Church which does not go out, keeps Jesus imprisoned.