Let’s welcome Pope Francis by rejecting unbridled capitalism

Millennial writer Meghan Clark has a new article on capitalism and the pope’s visit to the US. She writes:

The Pope’s visit offers an opportunity to understand and acknowledge capitalism’s effect on the poor. In his speech to Congress and throughout his trip Pope Francis speaks is expected to call on all Americans to reject capitalism’s throwaway culture and build an inclusive culture of solidarity.

The U.S. must recommit itself to social justice by enacting policies and protections for the very poor. This includes permanent housing for the homeless, improved social safety net and expansion of low-income housing programs. Americans must also commit themselves to compassion, by treating the homeless with kindness and dignity.

Pope Francis is calling for a radical cultural conversion that places people and the Earth before profits. Guaranteed paid maternity leave would be one clear and easy place to start. Similarly, fast food workers around the country, who are demanding a livable wage, deserve greater protections. If the low cost of a hamburger and fries is more important than the person serving them, that is the throwaway culture of indifference. Pope Francis is calling on us to reject such practices in our personal lives and as a political community.

The full article can be read here.