12 Pearls of Wisdom

Yahia Lababidi is a widely published poet and author. He has granted Millennial permission to publish a set of his aphorisms. We hope our readers find wisdom in these pithy thoughts:

Every enmity with another is part of our unfinished work on ourselves; a free person has no enemies.

There’s freedom in not needing to have an opinion on everything.

The divided self is spiritually immature. Divine union begins with self-unity.

The contemplative life is not a passive one.

Live recklessly: Trust

The love that we hold back, in turn, holds us back.

Tranquility begins on the other side of commitment.

As we make ‪peace with ourselves, we become more ‪tolerant of our faults — in others.

The difference between drawing attention to one’s self and a cause? A hairline.

To enter each day with empty hands, trusting you will receive what you need – such is spiritual poverty.

To accept the world as it is isn’t realistic, it’s cynical.

It is a sign of cultural ‪decadence when the fear of being considered a prude is greater than the shame of appearing immoral.