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The children among Syria’s ruins by Michael Gerson: “Whoever is responsible for this radiating wave of misery — and many are responsible, through action and inaction — the Syrian refugee crisis is now the greatest humanitarian challenge since the height of the AIDS pandemic. As with that tragedy, it is a generational test.”

Pro-Life Democrats and the Catholic Church: 21 Questions for Kristen Day by Sean Salai, S.J.: “It is not enough to simply oppose abortion; we must provide support and provide options for women facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies.”

Meet the Nobel-nominated priest who rescues African refugees by RNS: “Zerai runs a center that receives calls from distressed migrants who have fled their countries in hopes of finding a better life in Europe. He relays refugees’ GPS coordinates to coast guard and naval authorities so they can launch rescue operations.”

Guns in America: A pro-life letter to my dad By Stephen Schneck: “I’ve changed my mind about guns. They do need to be regulated, licensed, and limited. I say this especially as a pro-life Catholic.”

​A Church Of Empire by Sergei Chapnin: “And so the Church Revival, which in its 1.0 phase sought to revive pre-revolution Christianity, has become Church Revival 2.0, a post-Soviet civil religion providing ideological support for the Russian state. The Russian Church has become a Church of Empire, with ecclesiastical practices and institutions shaped accordingly. We seem to be at the dawn of a new epoch in Russian Orthodox history, one that in all likelihood will be known as ‘neo-imperial.’”

Are the bishops fiddling while places other than Rome burn? by John Allen: “Gudziak pointed out that more than 5 million people are currently being affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which he sees in terms of Russia trying to prevent a civic uprising against authoritarianism in Eastern Europe from spreading. It’s not clear, however, that the synod has yet identified new ways to mobilize the Church’s considerable human and political capital to support families in conflict zones.”

Planned Parenthood’s problems go far beyond whether it sells organs by Charles Camosy: “Americans are slowly but surely waking up to a new reality: Planned Parenthood’s leadership is shady and dishonest, and the organization depends on the violence of abortion for revenue.”

Can we please stop pretending marijuana is harmless? by Dr. Sushrut Jangi: “Physician concern for marijuana’s acceptance isn’t because doctors are a stodgy bunch — their skepticism is rooted in science and in history. In the 1950s, nearly half of Americans smoked tobacco, a level of adoption that rendered its health hazards invisible. Meanwhile, the corporate forces that drove cigarette smoking to its ascendancy actively subverted those that governed public health.”

We’re casual about sex and serious about consent. But is it working? by Jon Zimmerman: “When we separate physical intimacy from the emotional kind, we provide a fertile soil for sexual miscommunication and, yes, sexual coercion. For the past several years, we’ve tried to be casual about sex but serious about consent. And it’s not working.”

Half the Kids in This Part of India Are Stunted by Nicholas Kristof: “In a remarkable failure of democracy, India is the epicenter of global malnutrition: 39 percent of Indian children are stunted from poor nutrition, according to government figures (other estimates are higher). Stunting is worse in India than in Burkina Faso or Haiti, worse than in Bangladesh or North Korea.”