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Christians can’t ignore the suffering of Muslims by Michael Gerson: “To respond to the AIDS crisis, American Christians had to overcome a belief that the disease was deserved. To respond to the Syrian refugee crisis, Christians must overcome their discomfort with Islam and their belief that conflict among Muslims is none of their concern.”

Meet a 21st-Century Slave by Nicholas Kristof: “Yet in practice, approaches similar to Amnesty’s have ended up simply empowering pimps. And while under these proposals human trafficking would remain illegal, the police would no longer have a reason to raid brothels to search for girls like Poonam. Both Poonam and Koirala think that full decriminalization is a catastrophic idea; if it were in place, Poonam might still be enslaved.”

Why Thousands of Rohingya People Are Risking Their Lives to Leave Myanmar by ABC News: “Thousands of men, women and children from a minority group in Myanmar called the Rohingya are desperate enough to risk death and slavery to escape the country as refugees in search of a better life.”

I am equal, not the same by Sean Cahill: “There are real problems in this society that need to be solved, but the female body and its ability to sustain a new life that has already come into existence is not one of them. We must stop dealing in this archaic thinking: the idea that women are inherently flawed because they get pregnant and men don’t.”

For Marriage to Work, ‘You Have to Be a Secure Person’ by David Lapp: “Just as the natural environment depends on thriving ecosystems, so our social environment depends on thriving ecosystems. That means also paying attention to things like the state of courtship and dating, mental health, the character traits conducive to thriving marriages, and communities that can provide belonging and meaning. Strengthening marriage does not just mean increasing the likelihood that young couples get married; it means paying attention to the whole person who is the subject of marriage.”

The vulnerable will be the victims by Charles Camosy: “In the face of a youth-worshiping country that marginalizes the sick and dying, we should resist making the vulnerable feel like a burden — not make it easier for them to kill themselves. Dignity doesn’t come from the illusion of power and control, but from mutual dependence and love.”

How it feels to be denied communion by Father Paul Keller: “Even though many people may find some relief in the reforms to the annulment process that Pope Francis has called for, there will still be some who have remarried who do not meet the criteria for an annulment. The possible consideration of communion for those who are divorced and remarried would only be for relatively few couples in very specific circumstances. However, these couples do exist and their anguish is real.”