Heavy Hearts and Prayers in the Wake of the Paris Attacks

Our prayers go out to the people of Paris in the wake of today’s horrific terrorist attacks, particularly the victims and their loved ones. We pray for all people who are victims of terrorism and mass murder and for all the refugees around the world who are fleeing similarly evil acts of brutality and savagery. These are attacks on human dignity, the common good, and the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity. We pray for the international community to uphold its commitment to the universal rights of all people and the sanctity of all life, whether in European capitals, Middle Eastern cities, or African villages. May we recognize our responsibility to protect the innocent and, as one global community, courageously and prudently counter ISIS, al Qaeda, Bashar al-Assad, and all others who target the innocent to pursue a deranged ideology or out of their lust for power. We pray for a more just and peaceful world where mass murderers no longer operate with impunity.