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Pathfinding in Spain by Ashley McKinless: “They offered no checklists to follow, no “life hacks,” no guarantees of certainty about the path ahead. Instead there was the perspective of people who understand themselves as pilgrims, who could tell me how things look from a bit higher up the mountain.”

Why the Paris Climate Talks Matter by Tony Annett: “They must take to heart the prophetic words of Pope Benedict XVI: if you want to cultivate peace, protect creation. Because the stakes are nothing less than peace on earth.”

Why the Pro-Life Movement Opposes Violence by Ross Douthat: “Yes, evil is evil, but in a democratic society where political change can be sought freely and violence would clearly breed worse evils still, vigilante gestures against institutional evils are just, well, murder: Not acts of heroism, but grotesque wastes of human life.”

Long-Hidden Details Reveal Cruelty of 1972 Munich Attackers by NY Times: “The attack at the Olympic Village stands as one of sports’ most horrifying episodes. The eight terrorists, representing a branch of the Palestine Liberation Organization, breached the apartments where the Israeli athletes were staying before dawn on Sept. 5, 1972. That began an international nightmare that lasted more than 20 hours and ended with a disastrous failed rescue attempt.”

Pope Francis in Africa by Michael Sean Winters: “The Holy Father’s trip to Africa fit the pattern of his previous trips, except it seemed that pattern was on steroids. This was Francis to the nth degree and it was electric.”

From Pope Francis’ Africa visit, a new way of seeing terrorism by Stephen Schneck: “Terrorism—understood as attacks on innocents with the intent to foment fear and incite hatred—is not something new in the world.  It’s not something unique to our time. History is littered with its horror, from antiquity to modernity. It has been employed by those of almost every culture, nation, and religion. That ubiquity does not ameliorate its evil. It must always be condemned and civilization is morally obliged to act to end it and to bring its perpetrators to justice.”

Manufacturing Distrust by David Lapp: “We need freedom, but from the boardroom to the bedroom, we need people who exercise their freedom for solidarity: solidarity at work, solidarity in family life, solidarity in their neighborhoods.”

Russian Airstrikes in Syria Seem to Be Hurting Civilians More Than ISIS by Jared Malsin: “Russian strikes are killing civilians at a rate roughly 10 times faster than the coalition. Airwars project director Chris Woods says that video footage of airstrikes released by the Russian government indicate that Russian warplanes are using more primitive, unguided munitions. One video shows a Russian long-range bomber dropping “sticks” of unguided bombs from above the clouds.”

In the paid family leave debate, pro-life, pro-family groups’ own policies are all over the map by Sarah Pulliam Bailey: “Pope Francis and leaders in the Catholic Church have emphasized labor rights, but that hasn’t translated into policy at the local parish level, said Julie Rubio, a professor of Christian ethics at Saint Louis University.”

If Assad is not forced out, Isis never will be by Kyle Orton: “It is now of primary importance that the British Government and the U.S.-led anti-Isis coalition as a whole make Assad’s ouster a central feature of their stated political objectives. The defeat of Isis requires the enlistment of Sunni Arab forces, and that can only happen if they are confident that Isis will not be replaced by radical sectarian forces of the Assad regime or Iran, which is in control of the Assad regime and which has deployed tens of thousands of Shi’a jihadists into Syria.”

China’s Catholics fear new anti-Christian campaign by Jonathan Luxmoore: “The most dramatic has been the mass dismantling of crosses, which began in China’s Zhejiang province and has now been accompanied by the demolition of churches and arrest of human rights lawyers.”