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The Year of Mercy Begins by Michael Sean Winters: “This is what mercy looks like in action: It consoles, it liberates, it gives courage, it brings light, it offers help. (And, its exercise will arouse Jansenists!) Mercy is more than an ethic, more than a dogma. Jesus Christ is mercy, the mercy of the Father incarnate in the world. Those who minister in His name must end the “criminal neglect” of mercy. And all of us who follow Him this year, and beyond, must walk with Pope Francis through that holy door, the door in our hearts and in our consciences, the door that is opened when we cry at the words, ‘Then he said: A man had two sons.’”

Class war comes to the GOP by EJ Dionne: “Republicans are having trouble taking on Trump not only because they welcomed his support in the past and not only because they have often embraced (in a less colorful and direct way) many of the themes he is accenting, but also because they have delivered next to nothing to their loyal white, working-class supporters.”

The Reform of Pope Francis: 15 Questions for Austen Ivereigh In All Things by Sean Salai, SJ: “Francis is the process of carrying out a major reform of the church in the traditional Catholic fashion: restoring what has been lost, updating what has ossified and seeking a thorough conversion of habits and culture, in order better to offer the Gospel to the world.”

Syrian refugees are a test of our nation’s values by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick: “Surely, at this special time of year, we must remember the origins of our nation and stay true to its principles: that we are a nation built by immigrants and refugees and that we honor and protect religious beliefs of all who come here.”

Germany’s defiant decency in the refugee crisis by Michael Gerson: “Merkel’s role is certainly unexpected. She is generally known as a deliberate, cautious politician. But by accepting perhaps 1 million refugees this year, she is also assuming the largest risk of her political career. Germans debate whether she intended to issue a welcome quite so broad. But she has not backed down.”

Praying for success of Paris climate talks while there is still time by Bishop John Stowe: “The encyclical takes a positive first step in that direction, calling each of us to be conscious of the amount of energy and resources that we waste and to make the responsible changes that we can in our own lifestyles. But he also knows that governmental action on an international scale will be necessary to make a difference while it is still possible.”

Why Assad Is Uninterested in Defeating Islamic State by Christoph Reuter: “Jets from both Syria and Russia continue unhindered to bomb markets, hospitals, bakeries and pretty much any other place where people gather in the provinces that are under rebel control. Two years ago, Russia voted in favor of United Nations Resolution 2139, which was supposed to bring an end to attacks on Syrian civilians. But that hasn’t prevented Russia from flying hundreds of exactly those kinds of bombing raids itself since the end of September.”