The Life of Fr. Richard Curry, SJ

Via NCR:

Jesuit Fr. Richard Curry, whose various ministries in theater and bakeries embraced people with disabilities and military veterans, died in Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 19. He was 72.

Curry was best known for founding in New York City in 1977 the National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped, which allowed young people with disabilities the chance to study music, voice, oral interpretation, movement and dance, writing plays, theater management and technical productions with a staff of professionals.

Fr. James Martin said Fr. Curry was “an extraordinary person. One of the most remarkable Jesuits of our time. Of any time.”

Via The Hoya:

Dog Tag Bakery, which he founded in December 2014, seeks to employ veterans and their spouses while teaching tangible business skills. The bakery also has a partnership with the Georgetown School of Continuing Studies to offer employees night courses in small-business administration and entrepreneurship.

Curry said in a 2014 article in The Hoya [“Bakery Prepares for Launch”] that the bakery offers veterans the chance to pursue their dreams.

“Everyone should make the most of this opportunity. All of you veterans have great business ideas and you may find someone here with a similar idea and the means with which to make your dream come true,” Curry said.

Before joining Georgetown, Curry founded both the National Theater Workshop of the Handicapped, which offered disabled individuals the chance to perform, and the Belson Bakery Training School, which serves to teach disabled individuals how to bake and work at the bakery.

Check out this great video of his appearance on 60 minutes: