Most Popular Articles by Millennial Editors in 2015

Here are some of the most popular articles by editor Robert Christian, contributing editor Christopher Hale, and copy editor Sarah Christian from 2015:

Pope Francis’ War on Christmas: “In Jesus’ birth and in his story, we can begin to understand Christmas for what it really is: God’s invitation to a revolution of tenderness.”

Pope Francis’ Most Important Speech: A Radical Call for Change: “A just economy is one that serves people, not one governed by free market fundamentalism—where the quest for profits dominates, the earth is destroyed, and there is an unjust distribution of goods…This communitarian economy must foster conditions that are compatible with human dignity and that unlock the potential of each person by respecting all of their rights as a person and allowing each one to flourish.”

The Whole Life Pope: Francis Has the Right Approach to Abortion: “Pope Francis, meanwhile, has embraced a whole life approach. He recognizes the need for a comprehensive approach to abortion that addresses the needs of pregnant women and families in difficult situations, rather than one that relies exclusively on legal restrictions. This pro-woman, pro-child approach refuses to pit the aspirations and needs of women against the lives of their children. Instead, he is saying to choose both. He does not treat women in difficult situations as the enemy, nor does he treat them like autonomous individuals who are on their own, but as members of a community, who are to be valued, loved, and supported so that both they and their children can reach their full potential as persons.”

Donald Trump is the Real Menace to American Values: “The real menace is not a refugee fleeing terrorism or Assad’s barrel bombs or the average Muslim that Trump would bar from entering the country, but the megalomaniacal, bigoted Know Nothing who is the current frontrunner to be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee.”

A Church for the Broken: “Any regulations on receiving the Eucharist should start from a recognition of the universal brokenness that exists in the Church, from our best understanding of Christ’s intentions (rather than a selectively literalist reading of one or two passages of the Bible), from a holy reverence for the transformative power of the Eucharist, and from a firm commitment to the law of love.”

Why American Christians Should Support Welcoming Syrian Refugees: “In short, as Christians and Americans, we could have done more. We should have done more to prevent this hell on earth from developing. But we did not. And this only intensifies our responsibility to welcome those fleeing from Assad’s barrel bombs and ISIS’s beheadings. We cannot rewrite history, but we can live out our ideals going forward.”

Catholic School Teacher Fired for Saying Healthcare Is a Privilege Not A Right!?!: “People are searching for their next meal or shelter for the night right now. A church that is following in the footsteps of Christ would be obsessed with helping these people. A self-referential church focuses instead on self-purification, hunting down a subset of sinners among all the other sinners. Pope Francis has redirected the Church’s focus toward the poor and vulnerable. It is time the American church ends these games and starts following Jesus Christ.”

Churches Aren’t M.I.A., But Haven’t Done Enough for the Poor: “Christians have simply have not cared enough about the poor to embrace this radicalism—the radicalism of one who walks in the Way of Christ. Instead of being defensive about our past efforts to help the poor, the Church should become a poor church for the poor. We must never be complacent about doing enough for the poor and vulnerable. This is our call. This is our mission. This is how we serve the Lord.”

Millennials, the Whole Life Approach, and the Democratic Party: “The solution to abortion, as expressed in the #chooseboth campaign, is a comprehensive approach that secures legal protection for unborn life, while addressing the root causes of abortion, particularly the economic vulnerability faced by many pregnant women and families struggling to make ends meet who feel unable to choose life. Only a pro-woman, pro-child approach, which addresses crucial issues like healthcare, prenatal care, a living wage, childcare, and family leave can lead to the abolition of abortion.”