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Stumbling into the Pro-Life Movement by Jessica Keating: “Even at the time, I had questions that someone in favor of abortion rights shouldn’t have. Why did we call the unborn, babies and children, when they were planned for and wanted, but fetuses when they were not? Why did the law consider the unborn persons, in some cases, but not in others? Why were some pregnant women mothers, but others were host entities, invaded by parasitic fetuses intent on destroying their lives? Why did we mourn a miscarriage, but not an abortion? Why were there numerous ways that the law curbed personal autonomy and privacy in light of greater human and social goods (e.g. drunk driving, neglect, domestic abuse) but the lives of preterm children were somehow not deemed human or social goods worthy of protection? Why did women’s equality mean some human beings had to die?”

Struggling with Consumerism by Sidney Callahan: “What is necessity and what is surplus? How much is too much? To make it all the more complex, Christians are enjoined to live joyfully, gratefully and freely in God’s good creation. Jesus warned of the dangers of selfish riches but he also feasted and rejoiced in the abundant life he could give his disciples.”

The Pro-Life Movement & the Blizzard It Created Michael Sean Winters: “I remain committed to the pro-life cause. I do not see how a Catholic can be unconcerned, let alone dismissive, about the tragedy of abortion in this country. But the champions of the movement do not make it easy for those of us who also care about social justice, who worry about the health care and education of children who have been born, and who see so much venom in the pro-life movement, we are rightfully unwilling to be associated with such nastiness.”

Bipartisan idea to lift millions out of poverty by Deborah Weinstein and Rev. Jennifer Butler: “Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit as Obama and Ryan have proposed would help young workers just starting out by making the credit available to people as young as 21 (under current law, you can’t be younger than 25).  It will help middle-aged and older workers (raising the maximum age from 64 to 66).  It will help 13.5 million workers, either by making them newly eligible or by increasing their credits.  Ten million poor people would see the severity of their poverty reduced; 500,000 would be lifted out of poverty. Unfortunately, not every job is a ladder out of poverty, but these tax credits provide just that for many working Americans that elected officials claim to represent.”

Why I’m a pro-life feminist by Claire Swinarski: “Hillary Clinton’s a mother, and she’s running for president. Adele’s a mother, and she released the biggest No. 1 single in three years in 2015. Madeleine Albright, J.K. Rowling: Mothers — successful, thriving mothers — are everywhere. Having children should not rob you of your identity or your purpose. Pro-life feminists believe it doesn’t have to.”

Russia Is Bombing Syria’s Children — These Are Their Stories by Borzou Daragahi: “Moscow claims its airstrikes target ISIS in Syria, but the reality on the ground is that hundreds of children, rebels, aid workers, and civilians have been killed.”

6 Ways to Promote Life By Cultivating Hospitality by Jessica Keating: “We march because we desire a society where it is easier to choose life, where children find welcome, a society that provides the resources women and men need to raise their families, where equality doesn’t require sacrificing the young or the old.”

A Change in Direction by Bart Jones: “A friend in Philadelphia who is a lapsed Catholic tells me that when Pope Francis paid a visit to her area in September, she spent most of the weekend crying because she was so moved. And she wasn’t even at any of the events. She watched it all on television in her living room in the suburbs. In New York, a Muslim woman told a radio station that she had spent hours “praying to Allah” that she would catch just a glimpse of Francis as he drove through the city. This is some of the effect Francis has on people—and not just devout Catholics. Part of the Francis phenomenon is how he is appealing to people outside the Catholic realm too. He is what John Gehring, in The Francis Effect, calls an ‘unlikely global rock star.’”

To win in Alabama, Democrats must reject abortion by Matthew Tyson: “Though the future might seem bleak, I remain optimistic that the Democrats can make an effective comeback. However, it will require a necessarily different approach. We need to reinvigorate the party leadership and prepare a brand new offensive. We need to be organized. We need to be focused. And, perhaps most importantly, we need to openly embrace the pro-life movement.”

How to Reform the Democratic Republic of Congo by Noel K. Tshiani M.: “As a DRC native who has worked for 25 years in some 85 countries as an international development economist, mainly in country management and private sector and financial sector development, I believe turning the country around demands no less than an updated version of the Marshall Plan that rebuilt post-war Europe.”

The Duty and Obligation of being Pro-Life by Fr. Thomas Rosica: “The Roman Catholic Church offers a consistent teaching on the inviolability, the sacredness and the dignity of the human person: a 20/20 vision for which we must strive each day if we claim to be pro-life. Opposition to abortion and euthanasia does not excuse indifference to those who suffer from poverty, violence and injustice. We must strive to see the whole picture, not with tunnel vision.”