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Entertaining Ourselves to Death by Timothy O’Malley: “The Church’s schools, universities, hospitals, and parishes have a responsibility to re-build a political culture of love, of solidarity, and of hope. Yet, the first step may be turning away from the very political culture that has created the monstrosity of a campaign that we have grown to love.”

How to level the playing field for working families by Elizabeth Warren: “Half of low-wage workers have little or no say over when they work, and an estimated 20 to 30 percent work jobs where they can be called in to work at the last minute. Imagine trying to plan for anything — child-care, going back to school, or a taking a second job — without knowing when you’ll be working next week. Imagine planning a monthly budget when your work hours — and your paycheck — can fluctuate 70 percent in a single month. Fair and predictable work schedules can give families the certainty they need.”

Texas law makes women safer by Kristen Day: “When a case about Texas’ ability to regulate abortion clinics is argued before the Supreme Court on Wednesday, few Democrats will be supporting Texas, but they ought to. The much needed law at issue is consistent with Democratic Party principles, which favor the underdog, the disenfranchised and the rights of the consumer over those of business. Texas is seeking to prevent the harm that happens when an industry gets a pass on government oversight.”

Super Tuesday Analysis by Michael Sean Winters: “Send Clinton and her team for a week of briefings from Robert Putnam, whose work studies those both parties have left behind, and or Sr. Donna Markham at Catholic Charities, where they cope with those who fall through the cracks of an economy that has many cracks or from Dr. Meghan Clark who can explain Catholic Social Teaching. The Democrats have lost the white working class because we have embraced economic policies that have harmed them and social policies with which they disagree.”

Alabama can’t justify continuing to execute people by Matthew Tyson: “Killing in return for killing isn’t justice. It’s vengeance. And the rule of law does not operate on vengeance. The central purpose of our justice system is to protect the people from danger—which we can successfully do through imprisonment.”

Putting a Marriage Culture Back Together Again, “Piece By Piece” by Amber Lapp: “One thing that is sometimes overlooked in discussions about high divorce rates, the growing number of children born outside of marriage, and the fragility of nonmarital unions is that many young adults do not approve of these trends, even as they contribute to them. They deeply desire stability for their children, and want to keep their families together so that their children can know and be raised by both parents.”

One week into Syrian cease-fire, anti-Assad protests spread by Oren Dorell: “Less than a week into a tenuous cease-fire in Syria, anti-government protests spread Friday across much of the territory held by rebel forces that have been fighting to overthrow the regime of President Bashar Assad. Images posted to social media show large crowds with banners and speakers using megaphones, reportedly in Azaz, in Maarat al-Numan, where several well-known rebel leaders from Idlib were photographed, and in the Damacus suburb of Ghouta, among many other locations.”

The Laetare Award: Dismantling the Architecture of the Culture Warrior Church by  Michael Sean Winters: “The University of Notre Dame announced today that its annual Laetare Award this year will be given jointly to Vice President Joseph Biden and former Speaker of the House John Boehner. The award, the most prestigious to be bestowed upon U.S. Catholics, will recreate the iconic image we all witnessed last year as Biden and Boehner sat behind Pope Francis as the Holy Father addressed the U.S. Congress.”

The Devil and Donald Trump by Mike Stafford: “In retrospect, the cynical politicians who used the code words and the dog whistles kept the old evil alive, nourishing it in its exile. They were playing a dangerous game. It awaited only the right circumstances for their words to become an incantation, summoning the demon forth again. Indeed, in many ways the GOP’s so-called Southern Strategy was always a bargain with the devil; and now the devil has returned to claim his due.”