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Time for the Pro-Life Movement to Be Very Smart by Michael Sean Winters: “If abortion really is the great evil of our time…shouldn’t we expect pro-life leaders to insist that those candidates they support be willing to spend money to confront poverty, which is the leading abortifacient in this country?”

A round-up of needles facing the PINS by John Allen: “Just as the world of finance famously has identified the “BRICS” nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as emerging superpowers, I’ve argued that the future of English-speaking Catholicism increasingly is being forged in the “PINS” countries: The Philippines, India, Nigeria and South Korea.”

Are ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ Western colonial exports? No. Here’s why. by Loubna El Amine: “In short, when citizens in non-Western countries clamor for democracy, there is no reason to suspect elitism or Western manipulation or false consciousness. Not everything familiar is a sign of cultural imperialism.”

I’m from Palmyra, and can tell you – the Assad regime is no better than Isis by Mohamed Alkhateb: “Palmyra has not been liberated. It has just been transferred from one tyranny to another. Our message to the West and to the international community is this: don’t act as though you are blind to Assad’s crimes. As you penalise Isis, you must penalise Assad’s regime in equal measure.”

‘I did not check their religion’: Priest earns praise, threats for saving thousands from violence in Africa by  Perry Chiaramonte: “Father Bernard Kinvi is humbled by the prospect of winning a $1 million peace prize for saving hundreds and possibly thousands of Muslims and Christians alike from the sectarian violence that grips his nation.”

Why Faith Communities Might Be Our Best Hope for Fighting Climate Change by Jeremy Deaton: “When it comes to the intersections of faith and climate change, Norenzayan said, there remain a lot of unanswered questions. But religion offers a vital tool for averting a tragedy of the commons: sacred values. In the past, social movements have succeeded by forging sacred values. Abolitionists denounced slavery as a crime against the Almighty. They did not debate the economic utility or political expediency of ending slavery — they declared it a sin.”