Mercy Flourishes in Kenya

Millennial writer Meghan Clark has a new article at US Catholic. She writes:

The name of God is mercy. The face of mercy is Jesus. This is the foundation for the Jubilee of Mercy. It also is a profound challenge. The face of Jesus, as Pope Francis reminds us, is the face of the homeless person and the refugee.

Inaugurating the Jubilee in the Central African Republic, Pope Francis profoundly demonstrated this point. Opening the Jubilee doors to the Bangui cathedral, the pope physically showed us that mercy is about pushing our boundaries. It is about moving outward to the margins and embracing the vulnerable. Translating mercy, or misericordis, as “opening one’s heart to wretchedness,” Pope Francis insists that “humanity needs mercy and compassion.”…

In Nairobi I saw sisters who were moved with compassion, a desire to share the suffering of these children and respond. Practicing this compassion is the path to mercy, to becoming neighbor to the Kawangware community, and modeling a more graced community. Through the Amani community, I understood more deeply Pope Francis’ wisdom. Humanity needs compassion and mercy.

The full article can be read here.