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Insecurity Goes Deeper Than Stagnating Incomes by David Lapp: “Economic insecurity contributes to relationship insecurity. It’s a factor that contributes to the breakdown of marriages and keeps many cohabiting couples from marrying in the first place. Economic insecurity’s impact on relationships is reinforced in a culture that prizes short-term happiness.”

Fighting phony ‘populism’ by EJ Dionne: “Overtime and proposals to increase the minimum wage are just part of a larger conversation that should be at the center of a campaign that is supposedly about the disinherited and disaffected.”

Ending preventable child and maternal deaths in a generation by Beth Ann Saracco: “In 2014, the U.S. government launched Acting on the Call: Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths, an ambitious but achievable plan to save the lives of 15 million children and 600,000 women in 24 countries by 2020.”

The Secret Lives of Children by Timothy O’Malley: “Everyone has this interior life, one that is not dependent upon one’s importance within society. The gift of human existence is that we often choose, if we are able to, to share this life with one another. There is something almost Trinitarian about this. That the depths of our interior selves are often bestowed as a gift to others. Our inaccessibility, our musings, our very selves are given to another.”

Laudato Si’ turns one year old: Time for action by Michael Sean Winters: “It is my hope, and it is a confident hope, that the leaders of the Church will take actions this year in the spirit of Laudato Si’. As Pope Francis said, “Reality is more important than ideas.””

Bishop says this movement can help heal America’s wounds by Charles Camosy: “The spirituality of the Focolare is rooted in several key elements of the Gospel, not the least of which is “Father, may all be one….” (John 17:21).  When brought together, these became guiding principles for the spirituality of communion.”

An Interview with Audrey Assad by Carolyn Pirtle: “I think you are right that many are hungry for reverent, yet rich and interesting, devotional music. I tried to make an album of hymns that neither deified [nor] dishonored the songs—something truly musical and artful, but not disrespectful of the songs in structure or style.”

Memories and thoughts for Memorial Day by Michael Sean Winters: “Can democracy thrive unless people participate in the annual markings of civic life because they care about their neighbors and understand that some of them, like Leslie Jewett, had gone abroad to fight for the freedoms we took for granted? Can a democracy flourish when we do not know our neighbors’ names or what they do for a living? I do not know.”