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The party of Lincoln is dying by Michael Gerson: “It is not a normal political moment. It is one of those rare times — like the repudiation of Joe McCarthy, or consideration of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, or the Watergate crisis — when the spotlight of history stops on a single decision, and a whole political career is remembered in a single pose. The test here: Can you support, for pragmatic reasons, a presidential candidate who purposely and consistently appeals to racism?”

Kenya Crisis Refocuses Attention on Refugee Plight by Kevin Clarke: “While Father Hollenbach similarly urges Kenyan officials to reconsider long-standing policies that prevent the movement of refugees and their meaningful integration into Kenyan society, he is not without sympathy for the challenges Kenya and other host nations find themselves left to confront on their own. He thinks more effective international burden sharing, both for the cost of hosting refugees and for assuming the responsibility of resettling and integrating refugees in third-party states has to be meaningfully addressed. With 86 percent of the world’s refugees concentrated in the global South, states with better resources and the capacity to absorb resettlement candidates need to step up.”

Climate Change as a Critical Health Issue by Kendall Stagg and Bechara Choucair: “Climate change is real and a serious threat to human health. Yet global warming is not often discussed as a public health issue — rather, we discuss it as an ecological or conservation problem without outlining the profound, detrimental health effects climate change can have on community health and well-being. That needs to change.”

Before a new iron curtain falls by Washington Post: “A global democracy strategy must draw on more familiar tactics, too, including public diplomacy, selective pressure on authoritarian regimes and what Churchill called “fearless tones” of reproach. The West needs to contest more vigorously the battle for ideas, a struggle in which Russia and China have become adroit, flooding the international media space with toxic propaganda, from broadcast outlets such as Russia’s RT and China’s CCTV News to armies of Internet trolls.”

Two Hospitals Bombed In Syria, Killing At Least 10 People by Rose Troup Buchanan and Munzer al-Awad: “Suspected Russian or Syrian regime airstrikes yet again struck hospitals in Aleppo on Wednesday, leaving at least 10 people dead and badly damaging the sole pediatric hospital in the rebel-held eastern half of the city.”

Why Paul Ryan should be ashamed as a Catholic of endorsing Donald Trump by John Gehring: “It’s time for Ryan and for all people of faith to reflect on centuries of Catholic social justice teachings that can’t be squared with the candidacy of a man who makes a mockery of traditional Christian values.”

Why Paul Ryan Won’t Oppose Donald Trump by Jonathan Chait: “Paul Ryan is not going to blow his chances for a huge tax cut merely because he’s worried about a dangerous maniac.”

Donald Trump’s Exploitation of Orlando by David Remnick: “Since Trump has ascended, it’s been clear that his demagogic instincts could be tested precisely by the sort of tragedy suffered in Orlando. And, when faced with the path of modesty and the path of dark opportunism, he has chosen the latter. That’s what he is about. It’s who he is.”

Why Just-War Tradition Is Still Indispensable by Mark J. Allman and Tobias Winwright: “Whatever its merits, the statement on nonviolence produced by April’s “Vatican” conference presents a distorted version of just-war thinking. It fails to engage in an honest dialogue on the church’s ethics of war and peace in all its richness and diversity. Any future encyclical on war and peace should be written to clarify these matters by upholding the noble, necessary just-war tradition that is needed now as much as ever.”

Albino People Are Being Killed for Their Body Parts in Malawi by Tara John: “People with albinism living in Malawi have been the victims of a surge of attacks by people seeking to use their body parts in ritual practices.”