Somos Familia: An Interview with Nichole Flores

US Catholic has a new interview with Millennial writer Nichole Flores:

For professor Nichole Flores, one of the most powerful metaphors to understand God and the church is family. Like other theological metaphors, this stems from her own experiences; she grew up in a large extended family, and Latino/a culture places a strong focus on family relationships. These families include not just nuclear families that live under one roof, but also the complex web of extended family and the family relationships that are created through the sacraments between people who aren’t related by blood.

Flores believes not only that families offer a glimpse into God, but that they also inspire justice. If we can think of the global community as a large, extended family, and if families are where our identities are formed, then “the metaphor of family suggests that our identities are challenged by the needs of those beyond our own home,” she says. “It invites us to take on others as our own needs and our own challenges.”

You can read the full interview here.