Renewal from the Ground Up: Never Trump, Never Hillary, Never Withdrawal

Millennial writer Christopher White has a new article at Crux. He writes:

While I’m content to let all parties involved exercise prudential judgment as they see fit, the fact remains that a sizable number of Catholics and other Christians are doing some deep soul searching as to how best to navigate the 2016 elections.

Maybe the answer lies not in Philadelphia or Cleveland, but here in Kraków….

Just as World Youth Day invites pilgrims to see both the larger world and also their local settings in a new light, so this presidential election is revealing something important about how we think of politics. Too often we’re so captivated by the power and prestige of the highest office of the land that we forget about what’s happening in our own backyards.

When is the last time that we even thought to give serious consideration to our local school board or city council representatives?

Instead of an exclusive focus on presidential power, maybe this disillusionment with the national stage is presenting an opportunity to revisit and rethink how decisions are made at the level closest to where we live our everyday lives.

Subsidiarity is a key value in Catholic Social Teaching. It means that the real action is down in the community, in civil society, at the local level, and that the purpose of higher-up bodies is to enable that to happen.

Cries of “Never Trump” and “Never Hillary” do not have to mean simply sitting out this election. The repudiation of the presidential candidates can cause us to switch our focus to our communities and to begin to effect change from there – the starting point for a renewal of our politics.

Renewal, in other words, must begin from the ground up. Forming our consciences and acting as faithful citizens shouldn’t be reduced or sacrificed for one single election cycle.

You can read the full article here.