Has Francis Opened the Door to Female Deacons?

Millennial co-founder Christopher Hale has a new article in Time. He writes:

Will Pope Francis and the Catholic Church soon allow women to be deacons? Pope Francis has created a commission to study the role of female deacons in the Church, the Vatican announced this week.

Dr. Phyllis Zagano, the world’s preeminent scholar on women in the diaconate and the lone American woman on the new committee, told me that she doesn’t yet know the specific mandate of the committee. But many have speculated that Francis will ask the committee to study whether or not the Church should allow women to participate in the modern-day diaconate.

Though Zagano said she doesn’t know where the road will lead on this conversation, she does hope important questions are resolved. “I think it’s important that we pick up where others have left off and answer Pope Francis’s call to give more definitive answers on the history of women in the diaconate and possibilities for the future,” she said.

You can read the full article here.