Pope Francis is the Leader of Today’s Anti-Slavery Movement

Millennial writer Christopher White has a new article at Crux. He writes:

While many are tempted to think of slavery as a relic of the past, or at least limited to remote areas of the globe, the tragic reality is that it’s never been more widespread as it is today, and it reaches right into the heart of our wealthy nations.

According to the International Labour Organization, a stupendous 21 million people are victims of forced labor globally. Some estimates put that number even higher. In recent years governments and policy makers across world have started to cooperate to put an end to this stain on our age.

A major player in this initiative is the Catholic Church, and the anti-slavery movement has no greater champion than Pope Francis, who comes at this with a long history. In Buenos Aires he invested huge time in assisting trafficked prostitutes and seamstresses and confronting the mafia bosses who profit from their suffering….

In Pope Francis’ consistent rejection of the throwaway culture-a world that reduces laborers to nameless faces, a society that turns sex into an industry, and trade into tyranny-the world hears a clarion call to become aware of the web of relationships, be they professional or personal, behind the products and services we consume.

His rejection of the growing culture of commodification and consumerism contains an invitation for a new way of seeing the world – as an interconnected creation: the cheap product you buy might just have a history of personal misery behind it.

Pope Francis, the anti-slavery leader of our day, invites us to be aware of that, and not cross to the other side.

You can read the full article here.