Questions to Consider as the Election Approaches

Mike Jordan Laskey has a new article at NCR. He writes:

I have not spent as much time praying and reflecting around this election as I have shouting, complaining, and eye-rolling. So, borrowing in part from the three groups I met, here are some questions I’d like to wrestle with over the next two weeks….

Which candidate do I think would be better for unborn children, immigrants and refugees, racial and ethnic and religious minorities, prisoners on death row, the unemployed and the underpaid, the homeless, the hungry, parents struggling to provide for their families here at home and around the world, those living in war zones, and others on the margins? What do I do if no candidate gets all of it right?

Are my expectations of a president realistic? Or do I think of our president-to-be as a sort of supreme monarch? Do I put too much hope in political leaders? Too little hope?…

Do I blame others or “the system” for the vitriol of this election season? Have I played a role in perpetuating a politics of anger and suspicion? Have I done anything to build up a politics of love? How are racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, and other -isms at work in my heart?

If the candidates aren’t talking much about issues that are important to me, what can I do about that? How can I engage constructively in the political process after the election has come and gone?

Ten years from now, when I tell my now 15-month-old daughter about this election and my participation in it, what will my story be?

You can read the full article here.