Bishop McGrath: Refusing to Accept Election Outcome Borders on the Seditious

In light of Donald Trump’s refusal to state that he will accept the results of the election should he lose and similar statements from some of his supporters, Bishop Patrick McGrath of San Jose has offered a firm defense of our democratic system and the norms that allow it to function:

Since 1796, when John Adams succeeded George Washington as President, a founding principle of our great nation has been the orderly transfer of power, as an expression of the will of the people. The notion of a democracy relies upon this.

As hard-fought as many of our elections have been, our nation has always succeeded historically in coming together in a mature and civil manner, for the benefit of all, for the good of all of the people.  No matter the outcome, we have united – in word and in deed – as one nation.

This year’s contentious and unsettling presidential race threatens our ability to come together as one people.  The claims by some of our fellow citizens that they will not accept the final outcome of the election borders on the seditious, portending a future that would be neither civil, nor true to our common roots as Americans.  We cannot do this.  It is not who we are, not who we are called to be.