Archbishop Gomez of LA: Tonight in America, Children Are Afraid

via Rocco Palmo:

Amid protests, fear and broader tensions in the 5 million-member (/70 percent Latino) archdiocese of Los Angeles – a scene likewise present in other major cities – in the wake of Tuesday’s vote for President-elect Trump, Archbishop José Gomez (himself a Mexican-born immigrant) delivered the following, deeply potent homily at an evening prayer service “for Hope and Unity” organized on some four hours’ notice…

“We are here tonight because our people are hurting and they feel afraid. We are here to listen to their voices, because they feel they are being forgotten.

In our country, we need to start building bridges and bringing people together. We need to reach out to those who are hurting. Now is the time to build unity and heal communities, through our love for our neighbor and our care for those in need…

In the past couple days since the election — we have children in our schools who are scared. They think the government is going to come and deport their parents, any day now.

Right now — all across this city, and in cities all across this country — there are children who are going to bed scared.

There are men and women who can’t sleep because they are trying to figure out what to do next. Trying to figure what to do when the government comes to take them away from their kids and their loved ones.

This should not be happening in America. We are not this kind of people. We are better than this.”

You can read the rest of the post and homily here.