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Not the Time for Reconciliation by Stephen Pope: “We must engage in honest dialogue with Trump supporters who explicitly denounce the cruel and open harassment of minorities that has followed his election. Every decent person must stand up against this horror. Patient and honest communication are important, but we have a prior responsibility to side with the marginalized at every step of the way….Now is the time for justice, not reconciliation.”

USCCB and Pope Francis are singing from different hymnals by Michael Sean Winters: “The annals of history are littered with evidence of well-meaning people and well-meaning clergy thinking that evil people will not really act upon the evil they have promised, and then it is too late to stop that evil. The bishops need to find their voice, and fast.”

Sacramental Sex? by Renée D. Roden: “By its very premise, which is a rejection of a holistic and integrated understanding of sexual intimacy, the hookup culture fosters an environment in which sexual assault can flourish. In fact, sexual assault seems to be the logical conclusion of the hookup culture. If the only referent for hooking up and sex are myself, and my social status, then naturally the other person’s wishes and feelings are irrelevant.”

Smoking declines dramatically but linked to 40 percent of cancer cases by Laurie McGinley: “In a pair of good news/bad news reports, the federal government said Thursday that cigarette smoking among adult Americans continues to decline sharply but that 40 percent of all cancer diagnoses now are linked to tobacco use. Those malignancies go beyond cancer in the lungs to include a dozen other parts of the body, including the throat, stomach, pancreas and liver.”

Activist insists Assad and ISIS aren’t the only choices for Syria by John Allen: “Shoring up Assad as an alternative to ISIS, he believes, is simply prolonging the country’s agony.”

Fleeing Gangs, Central American Families Surge Toward U.S. by Kirk Semple: “Gang violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala has conspired with economic desperation to drive an unrelenting exodus of migrants, including entire families, seeking safety in other countries, mainly the United States.”

Why did Obama win more white evangelical votes than Clinton? He asked for them. by Michael Wear: “Moving forward, the Democratic Party must decide if we truly are stronger together, and if that includes all of America’s religious communities — including white evangelicals. We can argue that they should have rejected Trump regardless, as I have and will continue to do, but we’d be much better off if we offered a positive vision for evangelicals’ place in 21st century America that is an alternative to that of President-elect Trump.”

Blessed are the dissidents by Mike Stafford: “At the dawn of the Trump regime, dissent and nonviolent acts of civil disobedience are the two essential mechanisms for preserving our own integrity and avoiding complicity in a newly emergent form of radical political evil. In this regard, the greatest challenge we face isn’t overcoming our fear, but rather, the conscience-dulling effects of our comfort and complacency.”

Five myths about the alt-right by Olivia Nuzzi: “Outside his post-election comments to the Times, Trump hasn’t specifically addressed the alt-right. He has never asked its members to stop photoshopping Jewish journalists into gas chambers in his honor. What’s more, he has often seemed to wink in their direction by deploying their rhetoric, with his talk of opposing “globalism,” his repeated retweets of alt-right Twitter accounts and his use of imagery — such as a Star of David illustration — that originated on Nazi websites.”

A Wakeup Call for Catholic Bishops by John Gehring: “Now is the time for faith leaders to remember that speaking truth to power might cost you access in Washington or a big check from a donor, but a failure to act has a far higher moral cost. Trump’s ascendency is a wakeup call. History teaches us that silence and complacency are no better than complicity.”

The alt-right isn’t only about white supremacy. It’s about white male supremacy. by Danielle Paquette: “While the group is typically defined by its racist views, sexism also is central to its ideology. In their world, men would rule, Spencer told The Washington Post, and women would serve as their homemakers.”