Nichole Flores Examines Injustices through a Catholic Lens

UVA Today has a new article on Millennial writer Nichole Flores:

An interest in government, a passion for social justice and a deeply rooted understanding of the teachings of the Catholic Church: these puzzle pieces eventually fit together to land assistant professor Nichole Flores at the University of Virginia.

“My work is concerned with religion and the common good and religion in public life,” Flores, who teaches courses in religious studies, said. “I felt it would be a really neat opportunity to speak about the contributions of Catholic thinking and Catholic social thought within the rigorous and exciting public context of UVA.”

Informed by the degrees she earned in political science, divinity and theological ethics, Flores’ teaching and research focuses on Catholic social thought as it pertains to issues such as human trafficking, racism and bioethics. But Flores also emphasizes that the teachings of the church can extend to every area of human life, regardless of one’s religious beliefs.

“A lot of people are hesitant to look at Catholic social thought because it sounds like something that only has to do with people who go to Catholic churches,” Flores said. “But, in fact, the way the Catholic tradition understands itself is having relevance beyond its own believers and that it has something to say about justice and goodness to the whole world.”

You can read the full article here.