Burlington Diocese Will Celebrate Year of Creation in 2017


via CNS:

The Burlington, Vermont, diocese will observe a special Year of Creation during 2017.

Similar to the global Year of Mercy, which emphasized the role of mercy in the Catholic faith, the diocesan-wide Year of Creation will bring an intentional, heightened focus on ecological justice.

Various events, initiatives and resources will be made available to parishes and Catholic schools to better educate and encourage the embracing of Pope Francis’ message in his 2015 encyclical, “Laudato Si’, on Care for Our Common Home.”…

Burlington Bishop Christopher Coyne is inviting all Catholics to join with him in celebrating this Year of Creation in the diocese.

He noted the pope emphasized that concern for the natural world is no longer optional but an integral part of church teaching on social justice. “While it has been nearly two years since its publication, I think it is time for the church here in Vermont to study, ponder and begin to implement much of what the pope calls for” in the document, the bishop said.