The US Bishops Must Denounce Alt-Right Racism

At US Catholic, Stephen Schneck writes:

It is long past time for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to speak out against the evil of today’s racism. The “alt-right” white nationalist racism that surged alongside the political campaigns of 2016 is an evil that the church in America cannot ignore.

After endorsing candidate Trump during the campaign, the Klu Klux Klan celebrated the president-elect’s win in its publications and websites. A local Klan chapter in North Carolina even held a victory parade. In Washington, the white supremacist National Policy Institute celebrated during its convention in the Ronald Reagan Building, some attendees replete with Hitler haircuts and “Heil Trump” salutes. The scary “alt-right” leader of the institute, Richard Spencer, spoke glowingly of how the election had awakened a movement of white nationalism in America. Since the election, a tide of hate crimes has swept across the country….

What needs to be said is not hard to put into words.

The sinful infamy that is racism must always be opposed and can never be tolerated.  The sin of racism corrupts the individual soul. Racist ideologies corrupt and deform the divinely appointed purpose of political life. Racism is gravely in contradiction to the Christian understanding of the human person as taught by Christ in the gospels and as presented in the most ancient teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Catholics in political life are morally obliged not only to reject racism personally, but also to prophetically oppose any advance of racism and racist policies by others and answer every instance of racism with the remedies of social justice. Catholics must oppose “alt-right” white nationalism.