Whole Life Voices and Messages at the March for Life

The March for Life is changing, Millennial writer Christopher White writes:

Since being named President of the March for Life in 2012, Jeanne Mancini has managed to give this annual March a significant makeover. Originally established to coincide with the first year anniversary of Roe, Mancini took over the reigns following the death of its founder Nellie Gray.

While some criticized Gray’s leadership as too Catholic and conservative, Mancini, who previously worked as a policy director at the Family Research Council, has spent recent years trying to transform the March to a more inclusive event-open to people of all faiths and no faith and to folks of all political persuasions.

This diversity was on display at this year’s march. A growing number of participants are focusing on building a more whole life approach and making the case for pro-life feminism.

America Media reports on this here:

And here are some signs from the march that reflect this approach:

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