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Trump Is Damaging Press Freedom in the U.S. and Abroad by Joel Simon: “In President Trump’s carpet bombing of the news media, it is not just the United States’ global reputation that is collateral damage. Rather, it is the brave journalists on the front line who risk their lives and liberty to bring the world the news. It is to our great shame that they can no longer count on the support of the United States.”

Pro-life Democrats’ modest proposal by Don Clemmer: “Lipinski also sees the strident pro-abortion rhetoric of his party making it almost impossible for a pro-life candidate to run convincingly under the Democratic banner. It’s a question of authenticity and consistency, at a time when millennial-age voters especially demand it. And the pro-life movement itself is becoming increasingly young, diverse, holistic in its approach to issues and willing to look beyond the old polemics.”

‘Segregation Had to Be Invented’ by Alana Semuels: “White elites, cast out of power and facing policies that threatened their economic hold on the state, launched a campaign that they knew would drive black and whites apart. They called it a campaign of “white supremacy,” and sought to unite whites of all economic backgrounds in hatred of black people. It was this campaign that tried to re-enforce the idea of black people as different, as lesser, and as a race that had to be separate from whites. Segregation was created in the South during this time period, and many of the ideas that drove it still exist more than a century later in the South of today.”

Popular Movements strikes a needed chord by Michael Sean Winters: “Unlike the nihilism we see on the alt-right, we Catholics disrupt to protect the vulnerable and we always seek to rebuild social ties on the basis of solidarity.”

Disrupting the Donald by John Gehring: “For Catholics in the pews and those who hold powerful positions in Washington—Speaker of the House Paul Ryan comes to mind—the bishop put quick work to anti-government and libertarian ideologies that have been embraced by many Christians on the right.”

Rand Paul Has Become Trump’s Most Loyal Stooge by Jonathan Chait: “Every authoritarian requires spineless lackeys who will attack his dissidents. In Trump’s Republican Party, the authoritarian’s best friend is the libertarian.”

Needed: The Committee for the Defense of Democracy by Amitai Etzioni: “We need a new association of people who are willing to work together to protect the American democracy from assaults by the Trump Administration (other nations may need similar committees). The association’s agenda will be sharply limited and focused on protecting the right to vote; freedom of the press and the need to keep the public informed; the courts’ independence; and stopping the abuse of public office for private gains.”

The Church must ‘raise the moral questions’ by Don Clemmer: “The weekend of Feb. 10 saw the first raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement of the Trump administration, with 680 arrests reportedly netted in coordinated efforts in cities across the United States. Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson, Arizona, knows the realities of ministering to a border community with a large number of immigrants.”

That sinner in the mirror: How I started to understand Francis by Daniel Schwindt: “A critic of “soft” sentimentality becomes a convert to the Church as a field hospital for wounded souls.”

Not Every Child Will Grow Up To Be President But We Can Raise Legions Worthy Of The Task by Christine McCarthy: “So this Presidents’ Day I give thanks especially for examples of some of the greatest public servants ever to serve as President, for the legacy and sacrifice of Dr. King, and for all the young people in our lives who have now been blessed with a unique clarity that could only be granted by the circumstances in which we now find ourselves: to know the scale of the struggle, the good to be won, and possessing the passion to prove themselves worthy of every opportunity the current administration wants to deny them. We may not all grow up to be President, but we can raise legions worthy of the task.”

It’s time for Democrats to become the party of American exceptionalism by Ronald Klain: “Embracing a progressive concept of American exceptionalism — of a national mission and determination to, as Obama said, build a “better world not just for ourselves but for people in every corner of the Earth,” as only the United States can — would add a noble and affirmative message to the new movement, and accelerate its development into something more than a left-leaning version of the tea party’s nihilism.”

‘America first’ shouldn’t mean cutting foreign aid by Michael Gerson and Raj Shah: “How does foreign assistance serve definable American interests? Many of our most dangerous global challenges — such as terrorism, the drug trade and pandemic diseases — gather strength in countries, or regions within countries, that are poorly governed, often corrupt, and marked by high levels of poverty, hunger and disease.”

Care for creation and human life aren’t opposed – they go together: “The archbishop lamented the “destructive exploitation” and the “wanton damage” done to the environment and reminded his audience that the poor are especially harmed by environmental destruction.”

A life of service is never easy. Having autism can make it even harder. by Gus Hardy: “All I can say is that God pulled me out of a very dark time and gave me hope and a great gift—a sense of something beyond myself. In doing so, I was shown that the world is full of God’s people who also cry out in their own ways, and I am called to serve them. It is not an obligation but a desire that flows from a love that encourages me to grow.”