Archbishop Wilton Gregory: We Must Raise Our Voices Against Bigotry

via The Georgia Bulletin:

Recently the Jewish community in our country has been disturbed by a number of aggressive and offensive actions, including the desecration of cemeteries and sending of threatening messages to Jewish institutions. Such behavior is totally unacceptable and humanly pathetic. We should all be offended and repulsed by these actions. Wherever they occur, they threaten us all.

The rise of these activities embarrasses us as a nation and diminishes our worldwide public image. Especially, these actions should incite us all not only to denounce them but to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Jewish neighbors in calling for a strong legal response and action against the perpetrators. To ignore this behavior or to minimize its impact on our neighbors is a betrayal of our Christian heritage and social dignity.

There is no question that the current climate of increasingly bitter public discourse has invited such conduct on the part of some people. Hatred and bigotry are sins that continue to afflict too many people and can occasionally erupt violently in the public arena.

Whether our Jewish friends are the targets of violent hostility, or whether the victims are Muslims, Sikhs, immigrants, Christians or people who simply appear to be of a particular ethnic or racial class, we cannot remain silent—for such silence becomes consensus.