Cardinal Cupich: To End Violence, We Must Mend the Safety Net

Cardinal Blase Cupich has a new op-ed in the Chicago Tribune:

We must not allow ourselves to be desensitized to violence. We must not look away. Nor should we become so hardened by these terrible crimes that we lose the will to help those trapped by a culture of despair, who are afforded few options, and are deprived of the hope that so many of us experience as a basic condition of our daily lives….

We need stronger gun-control measures, of course. But gun legislation will not address the root of the problem. Study after study shows that we need to change the conditions that make violence common. That means strengthening families, helping mothers and fathers be the parents they need to be, providing safe places for kids to learn and play after school, helping them resolve conflict peacefully, providing affordable child care, offering jobs with just wages, maintaining quality schools and rehabilitating those who have stumbled….