Trump Approval Low Among Millennials, Catholics, Women, But Not White Catholics

Here are some highlights from Pew’s latest survey for April 2017:

  • Overall, 39% approve and 54% disapprove of Trump’s job performance
  • For Catholics, just 42% approve, while 54% disapprove
  • But for white Catholics, a majority (55%) approve of his performance
  • Just 33% of women approve of Trump’s performance with 60% disapproving
  • Likewise, his approval rating among millennials is also 33%
  • Interestingly, while 11% of liberal Democrats approve of his performance, just 3% of conservative/moderate Democrats do
  • His support remains strong among Republicans (88%) and low with Democrats (8%) and independents (35%)
  • 50% of white Americans approve of his performance, with approval among black and Latino Americans in the teens, 14% and 17%, respectively
  • 78% of white evangelicals approve of Trump’s handling of his job