In Light of Faith: A New CNS Column on Millennials

Catholic News Service has launched a new column by Elise Italiano and Millennial writer Christopher White that will focus on millennials:

Fifty years ago, it might have seemed like an unlikely event: The head of the Catholic Church gathering bishops from around the world to listen to young people share their stories, struggles and suggestions as to how the church can help them discover their vocations and live meaningful lives.

Then again, within this half-century, the world experienced the pontificate of St. John Paul II, who reoriented the church’s focus toward youth through World Youth Days, and that of his successor, Pope Benedict XVI, who began communicating with young people on Twitter….

First, we hope to highlight the specific contributions that young people can (and already do) offer to the church. Second, we want to examine what the church can offer to young people at a time and in a culture characterized by skepticism of institutional religion, saturation with identity politics, and changes in communication and commitment.

Pope Francis’ hope is that “by listening to young people, the church will once again hear the Lord speaking in today’s world.” We’re confident that these words will prove true — and in light of faith and in the spirit of accompaniment, we’re inviting you to join in the conversation.