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‘This Economy Kills’: Catholics Shouldn’t Defend It by Anthony Annett: “Brooks—like his ideological comrade Paul Ryan—seems under the spell of libertarianism or market fundamentalism, an ideology that puts economic freedom first. This ideology insists that all market rewards are fairly and justly earned and that the government’s role in economic affairs should be severely restrained. And libertarians insist that the role of business is to maximize profit, typically equated with shareholder value….such an ideology—by detaching individual freedom from communal responsibility, elevating self-interest over solidarity, and upholding freedom from coercion over the universal destination of goods (which Pope Francis deems a golden rule of social conduct)—is utterly incompatible with Catholic social teaching.”

As Voodoo Economics Collapses in Kansas, Trump Takes It National by Jonathan Chait: “Many, perhaps most, conservative elites believe as a matter of principle that taxing the rich at higher rates is morally wrong. They consider the first-order effects of regressive tax cuts — the transfer of resources from the public fisc to “the makers” — desirable. Since most Americans do not approve of tax cuts for the rich, this requires them to focus on the alleged second-order effects. And it explains why they continue to support the policy even when those second-order effects continuously prove ephemeral.”

With Trump, we are not in a ‘pro-life moment’ by Michael Sean Winters: “I would submit, therefore, that this moment is not a “pro-life moment” as Pence and Anderson assert. It is, in fact, a moment of extreme peril for the pro-life movement. The concern is not only that everything Trump touches may be seen in a worse light for being associated with this man whose administration is going down in flames. It is that this man bragged, in the most vulgar terms, about his ability to seduce married women and displayed his misogyny in many different ways. He said he thought women who procure abortions should go to jail. If Mr. Trump is presented as a pro-life champion, the pro-life movement is about to be set back years, and we will have people like Pence and Anderson to blame for it.”

Drug Deaths in America Are Rising Faster Than Ever by Josh Katz: “Drug overdose deaths in 2016 most likely exceeded 59,000, the largest annual jump ever recorded in the United States, according to preliminary data compiled by The New York Times.”

Stop Pretending You’re Not Rich by Richard Reeves: “Progressive policies, whether on zoning or school admissions or tax reform, all too often run into the wall of upper-middle-class opposition. Self-interest is natural enough. But the people who make up the American upper middle class don’t just want to keep their advantages; armed with their faith in a classless, meritocratic society, they think they deserve them. The strong whiff of entitlement coming from the top 20 percent has not been lost on everyone else.”

Fact-checking President Trump’s claims on the Paris climate change deal by Glenn Kessler and Michelle Ye Hee Lee: “In his speech announcing his decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord on climate change, President Trump frequently relied on dubious facts and unbalanced claims to make his case that the agreement would hurt the U.S. economy.”

Five myths about famine by Gayle Smith: “We are facing one of the worst humanitarian crises since World War II. As the looming threat and tragic reality of famine spread across South Sudan, northern Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen, 20 million people are in urgent need of food and other assistance. But even with grim reports from the United Nations’ relief agencies and images of starving children, there is widespread confusion about what famine is and what we can do to help.”