Cardinal Cupich: Where are the US Bishops on Immigration Reform?

Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago writes:

Pope Francis has talked about the “globalization of indifference” toward immigrants and said that they are not “pawns on the chessboards of humanity” and that they are victims of a “throwaway culture.” In other words, in many nations migrants are used for their labor and then cast aside and scapegoated, when convenient, for a nation’s social ills. This is true in America. In many ways, the real issue is that many want a broken system, as we are able to take immigrants’ sweat equity without giving them rights and protections. It is a nod-wink system. Such a misuse of our fellow human beings is immoral.

The Catholic community, including the bishops, is in a position to influence Congress and the administration to take a different course. This should not be a political issue for Catholics, but a humanitarian one. As Catholics, we must not be divided by the issue, but must move forward with one voice.

We cannot stand by as our neighbors live in fear and are threatened with deportation and the separation of their families. We cannot stand by as U.S.-citizen children are left behind, without their parents, or forced to go with them to a country they do not know. We must do all we can, within the law, to help them, our brothers and sisters.

We are at a tipping point in our country. We can pull up the drawbridge and try to grow on our own, without the contributions of immigrants, or we can embrace our immigrant heritage and enact laws which are fair and prepare us for the 21st century. As Catholics, we must act and work to advance sensible immigration reforms.