Pope Francis: Idolatry of Money Starves Children to Death

via Vatican Radio:

Even today, there are these people hungering for money and earthly possessions, the Pope lamented, people who have “a lot” compared to “the hungry children who lack medicines and education and who are abandoned”. This, the Pope pointed out, is an “an idolatry that kills”, that “sacrifices human beings”. “This idolatry starves many people to death,” Pope Francis stressed, citing the case of 200,000 Rohingya children out of 800,000 people in refugee camps, who hardly eat and are malnourished, without medicines. This is happening today, the Pope said, and not something of Jesus’ time. In the face of this, the Pope urged for an earnest prayer: “Lord, please touch the hearts of these people who worship God, the God of money. Touch also my heart so that I don’t fall into that and know how to see.”