Pope Francis Denounces Eugenic Tendency to Eliminate Children with Disabilities

via Vatican Radio:

We know the great developments that have taken place in the field of disability over the last decades. The growth in awareness of the dignity of every person, especially the weakest, and how they have led to taking courageous positions to ensure the inclusion of those who live with different forms of handicap, so that no one should feel a stranger in their own home.

Still, at a cultural level there are still expressions that offend the dignity of the person and that maintain a false concept of life. An often narcissistic and utilitarian view, unfortunately, leads several to consider people with disabilities as marginal, without seeing in them the multifaceted human and spiritual wealth that they possess. There is still a strong attitude of rejection of this condition in the collective mentality, as though it prevented the individual from being happy and self-fulfilled.

Proof of this is the eugenic tendency to eliminate the unborn child that shows some form of imperfection. In fact, we all know many people who, even in their fragility and with great effort, have found the way to live a good life and richly meaningful life. On the other hand, we know people who are apparently perfect, yet desperate! It is dangerously deceptive to think we are invulnerable. As a girl I met on my recent trip to Colombia said: vulnerability is part of what it means to be human.

The Church cannot be “voiceless” or “tone-deaf” in defending and promoting people with disabilities.