World Youth Day Showed Prophetic Alternative to the Rise of Conflicting Nationalisms

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via the Vatican:

To see all the flags parade together, dancing in the hands of joyful young people, is a prophetic sign, counter to the sad current trend of conflicting nationalisms, that raise walls and close up against universality, against the encounter between peoples. It is a sign that young Christians are a leaven of peace in the world….

On Sunday morning, in the great final Eucharistic celebration, the Risen Christ, with the force of the Holy Spirit, spoke once again to the young people of the world, calling them to live the Gospel today, because the young are not “tomorrow”; no, they are the “today” for “tomorrow”. They are not the “in the meantime”, they are the today, the now, of the Church and of the world. And I made an appeal to the responsibility of adults, so that the new generations may not lack instruction, work, community and family. And this is the key in this moment in the world, because these things are lacking. Instruction, that is, education. Work: how many young people are without it! Community: so that they may feel welcomed, in the family and in society.