Pope Francis: God Created the Earth for the Benefit of All

via the Vatican:

God created the earth for the benefit of all, so that it would be a welcoming place where no one would feel excluded and where everyone could find a home. Our planet is rich in natural resources. And indigenous peoples, with their abundant variety of languages, cultures, traditions, knowledge and ancestral methods, become for all of us a wake-up call that emphasizes that man is not the owner of nature, but only its steward, the one who has the vocation to watch over it with care, so that its biodiversity is not lost and water can remain pure and crystal clear, the air clean, forests leafy and the soil fertile.

Indigenous peoples are a living appeal for hope. They remind us that human beings have a shared responsibility in the care of the “common home”. And if certain decisions taken thus far have ruined it, it is never too late to learn the lesson and adopt a new lifestyle. It is about adopting a way to move forward which, leaving behind superficial approaches and harmful or exploitative habits, overcomes atrocious individualism, convulsive consumerism and cold selfishness….

If we join forces and, in a constructive spirit, engage in patient and generous dialogue, we will end up becoming more aware that we need each other; that conduct harmful to our surrounding environment also negatively affects the serenity and fluidity of coexistence which, at times, has not been coexistence but rather, destruction; that the poor cannot continue to suffer injustices, and young people have a right to a better world than ours and await convincing responses from us.