Cardinal Seán: Respect, Inclusion, Solidarity Must Overcome Ideology of Hate Behind NZ Attack

via Cardinal Seán O’Malley:

To our Muslim brothers and sisters in New Zealand who are suffering from today’s murderous attacks on innocent people of faith and goodwill during their time of prayer, we stand with you in condemning this horrendous assault on human dignity. We lift up our hearts in earnest prayer to God on behalf of those who perished in this massacre and those who have been wounded in body or in spirit.

The ideology of hate and the violence that is all too often an outcome of such invective causes untold suffering and pain, but it must never be allowed to defeat our efforts to work together for the betterment of all people throughout the world. To our Muslim friends in Boston and throughout Massachusetts, in this dark hour know that you are not alone, we join together with many others in the religious and civic communities who embrace you in concern and support. May the souls of those who perished in the attack be received by the most merciful God and may we be vigilant and unfailing in our commitment to never succumb to hate but always uphold the power of respect, inclusion and solidarity.