New Statement on Christian Ethics and the Ecological Emergency

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Dozens of Christian ethicists, including Millennial writers Marcus Mescher and Dan DiLeo, have signed a new statement on “Christian Ethics and the Ecological Emergency.” The statement begins:

Human activity is now driving a complex, dynamic process of environmental destabilisation across the whole of God’s Earth, at a scale and pace unprecedented in human history. This is already disrupting important ecosystems and human socioeconomic activity, creating multiple risks that we need to manage, adapt to and mitigate. We face an ecological emergency that imperils our security and the social structures foundational for human happiness, peace and freedom. To rise to this challenge, we will need to substantially reconstruct and modernise our economy within the next decade. To do this we must inspire and exercise leadership, mobilise resources and pledge action at every level.

The ethicists pledge the following:

  • As Christian individuals and families, we pledge to learn about, acknowledge and repent of choices—in our shopping, eating and recreation, whether at our homes or in our travel—that contribute to pollution and ecological destruction, and we resolve to take significant steps towards lifestyles that are sustainable and aligned with our Christian calling.
  • As Christian churches and communities, we pledge to help give voice to the grief we must bear over the destruction caused by our actions and our inaction over many years—including within our church life, and we resolve to imagine how we might practice fellowship, ownership, and renewal in ways that better reflect our commitment to Christian compassion and stewardship, so that our church models best practices for creation care within our community.
  • As Christians in our workplaces and businesses, we pledge to consider the ecological impact of our economic activity, and we resolve to cooperate with all those linked in our work to plan a transition towards pollution free and sustainable working practices.
  • As Christian citizens, we pledge to engage with and encourage our leaders and representatives, from local to national government, and we resolve to support measures that reduce ecological harm and promote transition towards an economy and society that offers a sustainable future.
  • As members of a worldwide church family, we pledge not only to pray for but also to partner with vulnerable communities threatened by ecological breakdown and extreme weather disasters, and we resolve to support projects in partner communities that build resilience, promote long term security, and conserve and protect natural habitat and biodiversity.
  • As Christians, we pledge to live our values as citizens of God’s new society, which Jesus inaugurated, sustains through the Holy Spirit and promised to bring to fulfilment. And we resolve to bring hope and love to our neighbours around the globe as we celebrate, protect and care for the Earth, our common home, and joyfully join in creation’s praise.

You can see all the signatories and read the full statement here.