3 Things Evangelization is Not

Millennial writer Mike Jordan Laskey writes:

Evangelization is not proselytism….

On the flip side, evangelization is a long-term process. It’s relationship-building, invitation, dialogue, truly caring about other people, and modeling Christian love through concrete actions. It’s living with a sort of deep joy and hospitality that make people say, “I don’t know what she has, but I want to be around her.”

Does evangelization include talking about Jesus? Sure, absolutely, but only in the context of trusting relationship.

Evangelization is not saying “God bless you” instead of “Bless you” when someone sneezes….

The troubling belief running underneath this complaint is that evangelization is some sort of anti-PC battle we have to fight….

The idea animating evangelical activity is that the life of faith is full of so much beauty, meaning, community, learning, grace and more that we can’t help but want to share that with others. We can’t let superficial social interactions in our pluralistic society preoccupy us.

Evangelization is not targeting people who are already committed to other traditions….

St. John Paul II talked about a “new evangelization,” one that seeks to engage Catholics who have drifted away or whose faith has become hollow and lifeless. That’s fertile ground for evangelization. And we can evangelize folks who aren’t committed to any faith community in particular, people who are seeking something more in their lives.