The Whole Life Pledge

A new pledge from the Whole Life Movement that many Millennial readers may be interested in exploring and signing (via Whole Life: Pro-life Democrats, Progressives, and Feminists):

The Whole Life Movement is committed to:

    • A comprehensive approach to abortion that includes legal protections for unborn children and adequate support for pregnant women and families so that no women feel compelled to procure an abortion for financial reasons.
    • Economic justice for all Americans, including robust government action to ensure that the social safety net is complete and everyone has access to their most basic needs (including food, water, healthcare, housing, education)
    • Efforts to reduce global poverty and preventable deaths worldwide
    • The empowerment of women and girls and their full inclusion in social, economic, political, and other spheres, confronting the grave threats far too many women and girls face, such as human trafficking, physical and sexual abuse, and various forms of discrimination and repression.
    • Pro-family policies that create a culture of life, such as paid family leave and access to quality, affordable childcare for all those who need it
    • The abolition of the death penalty
    • Concrete action to prevent and halt genocide and mass atrocities, ensure accountability for the perpetrators of such crimes against humanity, and assist those displaced by such violence
    • The protection of the environment for current and future generations
    • Free democracy, which allows for the peaceful resolution of conflict, against attempts to deny people their basic human rights and the right to participate in their government
    • Prudent measures to protect human life and dignity from all other grave threats, such as gun violence, crime, all forms of suicide, unjust migration policies, substance abuse, racism and other forms of bigotry and unfair discrimination, the unjust use of military force, and the denial of rights for people with disabilities

Those in the whole life movement will not agree on the means to achieve each of these goals, but we recognize these threats to human dignity and human life as serious and demanding concrete action. While these issues are not all equal in their gravity, a principled, consistent approach is necessary for ensuring the credibility of the movement and building an authentic culture of life. Rather than defining pro-life in a way to affirm our own purity or moral excellence, we believe in building a broad, effective coalition of people from all backgrounds that is committed to the fundamental worth of every single human being. Join us and take the following pledge!

As a member of the whole life movement, I pledge to advocate for the protection of every innocent human being at every stage of life from direct and indirect threats to life and to support policies that reflect the dignity of every single human being and the flourishing of all.

You can take the Whole Life Pledge here.